Friday, November 20, 2009

Im Back to Cabal!!!!!!!!!!

After a month of thought about leaving cabal now im back to carry my duty as procyon..heheh

I ope my friends will be back soon to play cabal..Thanks a lot to Warblades( Mars-SGMY) for supporting me so much..
To all my freinds that been leaving for so long pls come back...Needs u all guys..MIss u all.
Seichi , Pennzuka, Crystalrylai , Archerelitez , Sandselitez , and many more..Please come ...

Now cabal is more interesting than ever..Remember that we start together playing cabal with 24 hours playing..heheh..I miss that time...Now we have chance to start it back..We start play in christmas time and now we meet again in christmas event..Coming soon..

Love u all... from 00Stacy00@sakuno10@ajip@soulgurlz@Lauta@Purba